Please leave young children at home. Minors age 12 or older with a hunter safety card in their possession are welcome to hunt.

​      No child without a hunter safety card is permitted to carry or play with real guns. We prohibit paint ball guns, BB guns, toy guns, and any other firearm--real or "pretend"--that does not meet the specifications noted above.

     We reserve the right to expel any hunter not following the safety regulations, not complying with the guide's instructions, or not displaying proper conduct toward other hunters and/or dogs.
All hunters must wear blaze orange while hunting. We recommend pheasant-hunting garb consisting of a blaze-orange hunting vest or jacket with a good-sized game pouch, brush pants, and a blaze-orange cap that makes it easy for your companions to see you in tall cover. Orange vests, caps, dog collars, and dog vests all help to make a safer hunt. 
Shoot only at high-rising birds that are in a safe line of fire, and know where your dog is before taking a shot at any flushed bird.

Safety Requirements

    To ensure a safe and worry-free hunt, TCA Pheasantry has established the following safety requirements:

    Every hunter must obey state and federal safety regulations as well as rules established by TCA Pheasantry.    For guided hunts, your guide is in charge. Disrespecting, ignoring, or violating your guide's instructions will result in ejection from the field.      No guns larger than 12-gauge are permitted, and no shot larger than No. 6 for upland hunting is allowed. All guns must be plugged to hold 3 shells only. 

    We welcome beginning hunters; however, all participants must have basic knowledge about safe hunting practices and working knowledge of their gun.* A hunter safety card is required for all minors age 12 or older.