Follow up with your party within two weeks of the hunt date to ensure that everyone has the necessary equipment, hunter safety education, and live experience to safely participate. Minors aged 12 and up must have a hunter's safety card as well as hands-on experience.

      Call TCA the evening before your hunt to confirm details, ask questions, and make changes. Check the weather. TCA may call a hunt if weather conditions are considered unsafe or unfavorable for a rewarding hunting experience. Call early if you intend to cancel.

      Arrive at the agreed-upon time, sign waivers, and suit up for your hunt, including a blaze orange garment. 

      If you arrive earlier than scheduled you may have to wait, as each hunt requires individual preparation. We do not have a clubhouse or other area where parties can wait comfortably, although you are always welcome to wait inside or out side your vehicle within our parking area. We will gladly offer suggestions for local establishments where you can enjoy coffee or a meal before your hunt. 

Things to Know


         TCA Pheasantry LLC ​​is family owned and operated. We believe that we are friends in the hunting experience, and have a mission to provide a professional and memorable hunt to all clients!

​       TCA Pheasantry's hunting season begins in November 2015, just prior to Thanksgiving, and concludes on March 31st, 2016=7. We observe a temporary closure December 1st until the end of duck season to avoid conflicts with local duck hunters.

       We do not allow Scratch Hunting of any kind at any time. No Exceptions!

​        Guided hunts are generally allotted four to five hours depending on hunting package purchased. Full day hunts can be arranged by request in advance for an additional cost. We offer guides and trained dogs for a nominal fee, or you may bring your own gun dogs free of charge, provided that they are up to date with vaccination records such as rabies and dis-temper that will be requested before your hunt begins. 

​        We strategically maintain several hunting areas with ideal hunting cover, designed to challenge any hunter in any size group. The gently rolling landscape and varigated fields create an appealing setting for an exciting and memorable hunting expereince. Our fields vary in size to those who prefer different levels of exertion. We can customize many aspect of your hunt and do our best to accomodate special requests.

Planning Your Hunt.

       Thank you for supporting our sponsors and allies in the hunting community by purchasing a TCA Pheasantry donation hunt. We look forward to hosting your hunt. In order to get  the  most out off your experience, we ask that our guests review the process for redeeming a donation hunt. Please call or email if you have any questions.

       Original donation certificates are created by TCA Pheasantry and given to the benefit organization prior to a fundraising event. The organization gives the certificate to the purchaser and provides TCA Pheasantry with the purchaser's name and contact information. The purchaser is responsible for obtaining the original certificate from the benefit organization. If you do not have the original donation certificate at the time you book your hunt, you must contact the benefit organization to request a reissue no less than two weeks from your hunt date. 

       Copies of a donation certificate or other documents presented in place of the original certificate issued by TCA will not be accepted. If you do not have the original donation certificate, your hunt will be forfeited. If you want to continue with the hunt as planned, you will be required to pay in full, in cash, prior to entering the field.

Reedeming Donation Hunts

      Once you have selected a hunt package, and date​, call for availability by contacting 302.420.3065 or e-mailing

​      A 50% deposit is required to reserve your date. We accept payment by cash, by check, or by PayPal.

       Donation hunts may be canceled and rescheduled only once. 

       Your hunt will be forfeited if you do not show up for your scheduled hunt or do not call to cancel by 7 a.m. the day of the hunt, or if you cancel or fail to show up for a rescheduled hunt.

       The hunt must be booked by the purchaser or his assignee. The purchaser may transfer the hunt to another individual by notifying TCA Pheasantry prior to booking. The assignee must have the original donation certificate in his possession on the day of the hunt.

       Each donation certificate is limited to the hunt package printed on its face, including number of hunters, number and type of birds, and guide. You are welcome to customize for an additional fee based on standard pricing on the date of your hunt. Please request changes no later than three days prior to your booked date.

      Donation certificates have no cash value.

      Donation certificates must be used within one year of issue.  

       Donation hunts are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to any hunt, including state regulations, safety requirements, and standards of behavior. These are posted on our website.